Amazon Seller data in Google Sheets

Take control of your business, without all the fuss.

Get your Amazon seller data where you need it most.

Spending countless hours tediously exporting numerous .CSV files that don't talk to each other from Seller Central? Doing the same data clean up every month just to get a glimpse as to what's going on in your business?

Your data is the heartbeat of your business, but you shouldn't need to be a rocket scientist to wrap your head around it. We cut out all the overhead that makes updating and extracting meaningful insights from it challenging. 

Now you can finally get your data where you need it most. Where its easier to manage and customize. Directly in a spreadsheet! That means you can focus on higher value tasks that actually grow your business.


No more CSV exports. Sellzee Sheets is a Google Sheets add-on that integrates directly with Seller Central to bring instant clarity to your data.

Save Time

Stop wasting hours repeatedly downloading, filtering and summarizing your data. Master your data in a fraction of the time.

Actionable Insights 

It's impossible to see your business through a blurry lens. Create crystal clear custom dashboards and drive actionable insights that impact your bottom line.

Beat The Competition 

There's millions of sellers, but the few gaining an edge are those who master their data, create insights, and reinvest their time in their business.

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